'ENOUGH is ENOUGH!'   (Steering Committee)

"I do not think that one can or should maintain the mood of abstract contemplation in a world as perilous as that in which we are living. When I see children emerging happily from school and reflect that the governments of the world are probably going to have them all killed, I feel that even if there is the faintest chance of success in a policy of protest it is the duty of every person possessed of a spark of humanity, to do what he can to turn the world from madness to mercyā€¯


LUKE ADDISON    (Rotaract Global Model U.N.)

BRIDGET CAMBRIDGE    (Living Spiritual Connections)

HEATHER-JANE OZANNE *    (Spirit of Peace)

MAXTON SCOTLAND    (Rotaract Global Model U.N.)

GEORGE STEPHANOU    (Potent Whisper)

CHRIS DARWIN    (The Darwin Challenge)

VAL McKIE *  (Touchstone Change Consulting)

ANTHONY RUSSELL *    (The Chandos Foundation)

RICHARD SHANNON *    (Myanmar Group Goldsmiths College)

SEAN WONG    (The Chandos Foundation

( * = Founding Advocate )

CIVIL-ISATION is a personal commitment by each Advocate. 

Any organisation with which they are associated may not share the same position.