Isn't Anger Helpful?

Surely anger is natural and helpful?

Anger can be a very powerful energy, for example when it motivates us to take action against injustice. But the downside is when it stops us from thinking before we take action

One could argue its use is in informing us of our own fears and frustrations and to suppress it would be wrong. However, for resolving issues its ultimate usefulness should be questioned. 

We hear of 'rightful anger', yet we appreciate that in conversation, anger obstructs progress. While generally considered a positive motivator, it is through conviction, understanding and compromise that we are able to grow emotionally. 

And while anger is also a helpful indication of strong feelings, ultimately it is not a helpful tool in finding peace because it clouds judgment and alienates. 

You could say using anger is tantamount to declaring war and then agreeing a peace settlement when you've calmed down. Better to get round the table first.

"In order to use human intelligence properly, our minds must be calm."


While sympathetic to the roots of a lot of anger
NOAM CHOMSKY  said in a BBC interview in 2017: 

"Anger is not a constructive response to problems that are quite real."