Why's it for me and how will I gain?

A benchmark - not an organisation.

CIVIL-ISATION is really a platform, reaffirming a 'spirit' and certainly not an organisation. 

Though many seek leaders to provide 'action committees' for short-term goals and noisy campaigns, CIVIL-ISATION is different, working outside the usual sound-bite culture towards a deeper realisation. 

By contract, a personal commitment is sought by each of us as individuals, in the understanding that as a consensus develops, the potential is there for a slow and powerful cultural change. 

Why this is so important:

  🌍  Discovering the capacity to respect all without judgement is personally deeply liberating and arguably the  path to lasting peace.

  🌎  When like-minded individuals come together in this shared understanding, there is new incentive to cooperate and reinforce the complex network of civic organisations that make democracy function properly.

  🌏  Only then is there the obvious opportunity to change society on the ground and tackle the issues that otherwise can appear quite hopeless, such as the present environments crisis. 🐬


"We need a spiritual revolution more than a political one . .
I believe profoundly in the power of humanity in connecting . .
I think this is a change in consciousness that we are all experiencing meaning we will survive."